Welcome to the event information website about the Joint 29th TF-CSIRT Meeting, FIRST Symposium 2010 and EWNI 2010 Workshop.

There are separate registration forms for the TF-CSIRT / FIRST Symposium and the EWNI 2010 workshop. Please see our registration pages for more information.

EWNI 2010: 1st European Workshop on Internet Early Warning and Network Intelligence.

The goal of this workshop is twofold: Evaluate the current state of the art of EWS and explore both related and future research areas. On an organizational level the workshop is intended to stimulate collaborative efforts.

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More Information... (Contact: ewni2010@pre-secure.de)

TF-CSIRT Meeting and FIRST Symposium

The 29th TF-CSIRT meeting in conjuction with the 2010 FIRST Symposium will be held in Hamburg, Germany on January 24. - 27. 2010.

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More Information... (Contact: joint2010@dfn-cert.de)